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Trop J Pharm Res, June2004; 3(1)



Antimalarial interventions in sub-Saharan Africa: myth or reality?  HTML | PDF

Augustine O Okhamafe


Research Articles


Compounded laxative formulations for substituting phenolphthalein with sennosides A & B in solid dosage forms Abstract | Full-Text (pdf)

Quintin Verloop, Wilna Liebenberg, Andries F. Marais, Antonie P. Lötter and Melgardt M. de Villiers



Evaluation of the suspending properties of Albizia zygia gum on sulphadimidine suspension Abstract | Full-Text (pdf)

Mbang N Femi-Oyewo, Musiliu O Adedokun and Taiwo O Olusoga



Effects of interacting variables on the release properties of chloroquine and aminophylline suppositories Abstract | Full-Text (pdf)

Michael A Odeniyi and Kolawole T Jaiyeoba



Comparative bioavailability study of a new quinine suppository and oral quinine in healthy volunteers Abstract | Full-Text (pdf)

Chinedum P Babalola, AS Adebayo, A Omotoso, Olubukola Ayinde



Knowledge of malaria amongst caregivers of young children in rural and urban communities in Southwest Nigeria Abstract | Full-Text (pdf)

Oreagba AI, Onajole AT, Olayemi SO, Mabadeje AFB



Effect of chronic administration of Boerhaavia diffusa Linn. leaf extract on experimental diabetes in rats Abstract | Full-Text (pdf)

Rao K. Nalamolu , Krishna M. Boini, Srinivas Nammi



Enhancing the Quality of Alkyd Resins Using Methyl Esters of Rubber Seed Oil Abstract | Full-Text (pdf)

Esther U Ikhuoria, Aireguamen I Aigbodion and Felix E Okieimen




Opinion Article


The need for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) legislation in Nigeria  Abstract | Full-Text (pdf)

Edeaghe Ehikhamenor and E Okey Agwubike


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