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Evaluation of the suspending properties of Albizia zygia gum on sulphadimidine suspension

Mbang N Femi-Oyewo, Musiliu O Adedokun and Taiwo O Olusoga

Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Sagamu, Ogun State, Nigeria


Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 2004; 3(1): 279-284

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Purpose: Some excipients are currently available for the formulation of pharmaceutical suspensions. The purpose of this study is to search for a cheap and effective natural excipient that can be used as an effective alternative for the formulation of pharmaceutical suspensions.

Method: The suspending properties of Albizia zygia gum (family Mimosoideae) were evaluated comparatively with those of Compound Tragacanth, Acacia and Gelatin at concentration range of 0.5 – 4.0%w/v in Sulphadimidine suspension. Characterization tests were carried out on purified Albizia zygia gum. Sedimentation volume (%), rheology and particle size analysis were employed as evaluation parameters. The values obtained therefrom were used as basis for comparison of the suspending agents studied.

Results: Albizia zygia gum is devoid of alkaloids, anthraquinones and carbohydrates which ensures its “inertness”. Albizia zygia gum (2.5%w/v) produced a comparable suspending ability as 4%w/v Compound Tragacanth. Also, the suspending ability of all the materials was found to be in the order: Albizia zygia > Compound Tragacanth gum > Acacia gum > Gelatin. At all concentrations employed, Albizia zygia gum had the strongest suspending ability relative to the other materials.

Conclusion: The results suggest that, due to the high viscosity of Albizia zygia gum, its mucilage can be a stabilizer of choice when high viscosity is desired. It can also serve as a good thickening agent in both pharmaceutical and food industries.


Key words:  Albizia zygia, suspending agents, sedimentation volume, rheology, particle size.

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