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Trop J Pharm Res, December 2002; 1(2)


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Research Articles

  1. Identification of Standards for Pharmaceutical Care in Benin City. Erah PO and Nwazuoke JC pp 55-66 Abstract Full-Text

  2. Evaluation of Community Pharmacists’ Involvement in Primary Health Care. Oparah AC and Arigbe-Osula  EM pp 67-74 Abstract Full-Text

  3. The Quality of Groundwater in Benin City: A baseline study on inorganic chemicals and microbial contaminants of health importance in boreholes and open wells. Erah PO, Akujieze CN and Oteze GE pp 75-82. Abstract Full-Text 

  4. Evaluation of Dimethylformamide (DMF) as an Organic Modifier in Hydrophobicity Index (Rm) Determination. Idowu OS, Fasanmade AA and Olaniyi AA pp 83-9. Abstract Full-Text

  5. Studies on the Genotoxic and Mutagenic Potentials of Mefloquine. Akerele JO and Obaseiki-Ebor EE. pp 91-8. Abstract Full-Text

  6. Parameters to be Considered in the Simulation of Drug Release from Aspirin Crystals and their Microcapsules. Eichie FE and Okor RS. pp 99-110 Abstract Full-Text

Short Paper

  1. Reclosure Efficiency of Plastic Container Used for Multidose Packaging of Moisture Sensitive Aspirin Tablets. Ibrahim MA and Inyagi IJ pp 111-4.  Abstract Full-Text

Review Article

  1. An Overview of Pharmaceutical Validation and Process Controls in Drug Development. Jatto E and Okhamafe AO pp 115-22 Abstract Full-Text

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