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Reclosure Efficiency of Plastic Container Used for Multidose Packaging of Moisture Sensitive Aspirin Tablets

Musa A. Ibrahim and Clement J. Inyagi

Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology,University of Jos, P. M.B. 2084, Jos Nigeria

Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 2002; 1(2): 111-114

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This study was conducted to determine the suitability of packaging aspirin tablets in one thousand tablet packs that require reclosure after dispensing each dose. The reclosure efficiency of the push-fit type closure of a plastic container in preventing moisture entry was determined and compared to a control container. Aspirin tablets used in this study were shown to be susceptible to moisture degradation leading to significant losses of potency (p = 0.005). Loose placement of closure on container allowed significant gain of moisture into the container (p = 0.05) and this could lead to significant loss of potency of aspirin tablets. However, if the closure is properly pushed down to fit, the moisture gain is not significant (p = 0.05). It can, therefore, be concluded that the proper use of push-fit closures on containers for packaging aspirin tablets provides effective protection and the use of more expensive single unit strip packaging, for example, is therefore not necessary.

Keywords: Reclosure efficiency, moisture sensitive aspirin tablets, plastic container.

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